Located in the Bridger Mountain Range, Hardscrabble Peak offers a scenic hike just outside of Bozeman, MT. The green line represents a generalized contact between the Lodgepole Limestone and the Mission Canyon Limestone members of the Madison Formation, both of which are from the Mississippian epoch. Photo by Travis Corthouts. This is where the Pass Fault resides. The Bridger Range was formed by at least 5 major mountain-forming events, which caused the uplift of the range, and these structures are evident in the rocks exposed at the surface today. Show terms of use for text on this page », Show terms of use for media on this page ». These deposits can be seen along Bridger Canyon Drive, and in fact, cover most of Montana to the east. This whole ridge line is known for it's sitings of Mountain Goats. This is pretty easy hiking as it is along a snow covered gravel road. In this picture, finely laminated layers of the (older) Lodgepole Limestone (Ml) occur below the more massive layers of the (younger) Mission Canyon Limestone (Mmc). Trekking poles are really helpful on the loose/steep terrain. It’s a popular spot because of it’s proximity to Bozeman, access to the stunning Fairy Lake, a cool campground, and it’s the main access point for Sacagawea Peak, 9,666′, the highest and most popular peak in the Bridgers. Northern Bridger Mountains. View to the NW along the spine of the Bridger Range from Sacagawea Peak. They mostly occur in warm, shallow tropical waters, but some species have been found in deep water oceanic trenches, cold polar waters, and even in fresh water. Photo by Travis Corthouts. Starting in the Cretaceous (and continuing through the Eocene), there was a regional contractional event that resulted in the thin-skinned (relatively shallow) fold-and-thrust belt style of deformation (also known as Sevier-style). Fenestrate and Trepostome Bryozoan fragments. This ranks Sacagawea Peak at 19th in Montana for prominence. Generalized tectonic map of the northern Bridger Range and surrounding areas, showing major fault systems. Our field site for this exercise was the Bridger Range, and we climbed to Sacagawea Saddle. This sample was collected at the saddle between Sacagawea and Hardscrabble peaks and displays brachiopod fossils within limestone. Are we missing a classic? Debris flow commonly found in this area. The sedimentary rocks that once must have been deposited horizontally are now nearly vertical--requiring mountain building events to have occurred sometime after the time of deposition. The first skier completed the run, which is near Sacajawea Peak, but Lupori fell and suffered traumatic injuries. The Pass Fault had to be active in the Paleozoic as well because the thicknesses of the sedimentary units in the nortern and southern Bridger Mountains are different. Entire Northern Bridgers Northeast Aspect. Photo by Travis Corthouts. Located in the Bridger Mountain Range, Hardscrabble Peak offers a scenic hike just outside of Bozeman, MT. Fishing is available here.Battle Ridge Campground, at 6,500', is located along the main road, approximately (1) mile before the Fairy Lake Road turn-off. This figure is a generalized tectonic map of the northern Bridger Range and surrounding areas. The openings in the wheat chex are fenestrae (windows) - the animals (zooids) don't live in those, but in tiny, pin-sized chambers in the solid part of the skeleton called zooecia. Sacagawea Peak is the highest point in the Bridger Range. Photo by Travis Corthouts. Photo by Jeff McGowan. Ross peak is the fourth highest peak in the Bridger Range (highest point: Sacagawea Peak 9665 ft/2945 m). This type of faulting is known as Laramide-style faults, and is somewhat younger than Sevier-style faulting in this area (Paleocene - Eocene). View Sacagawea Peak Image Gallery - 70 Images. The Bridger Range has recorded a long an glorious geologic history. About 4 miles round-trip. We took a hike up Sacajawea (Sacagawea) peak in the Bridger range near Bozeman Montana. It’s accessible from several angles but the simplest approach is from Fairy Lake. Refer to the geologic stratigraphic column (below) for identification of key rock units. Lupori was a native of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she graduated from high school in 2019, the Steamboat Pilot & Today reported. They offer (9) campsites with handicapped toilets, picnic tables, & water. Weather and Snow National Weather Service Forecast NOAA Snow Depth Map Lists that contain Sacagawea Peak: USA Lower 48 Top 400 Peaks by Prominence (Rank #152) USA Lower 48 Range5 High Points (Rank #205) Western USA Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation (Rank #237) Greater Yellowstone Range High Points (Rank #21) Peakbagging Montana List of 53 Peaks (Rank #24) Montana Peaks with … The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until October. Views stretched far and wide in every direction and were some of the best of any peak … Hiking Great! People living in this part of southwestern Montana should know that we are in a zone of active seismicity known as the Rocky Mountain Seismic Belt. The motion of a rock glacier is similar to an ice glacier, though rock glaciers will often appear more fluid than an ice glacier. The entire group at the On the Cutting Edge Workshop (Teaching Geoscience in the Field) spent a few hours in the field talking about various teaching strategies. October 10, 2020. Summit these classic peaks surrounding Bozeman, Montana. Debris collects on the algae and hardens as the algae dies. More About the Bridger Ridge Trail From The Hiking Project. 1999. Photo by Travis Corthouts. The higher areas highlighted in yellow are more resistant rocks. A view of "The Great One", a popular ski chute used by extreme skiers on the north side of Sacagawea Peak. Cenozoic "basin and range" style extensional (normal) faulting has continued to create the high topographic relief between the crest of the Bridger Range and the Three Forks Basin to the west. These rocks are typically metamorphic rocks that occur as varieties of schists and gneisses. Hardscrabble Peak is the second highest peak along the Bridger Ridge and is located just north of the infamous Sacajawea Peak. These types of fossils are known as stromatoporoids (the root "stroma" means layered), and are interpreted as the remains of calcareous sponges--the dominant reef-builders in the Devonian. From the summit of Sacagawea Peak, you can see for miles to the east with great views of the Crazy Mountains, to the west with great views of the Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Root Mountains. A skier died Tuesday afternoon after a crash in the Bridger Mountains near Sacajawea Peak, according to a news release from the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office. This ranks Sacagawea Peak at 19th in Montana for prominence. However, many probably don’t … The rocks you'll be walking through on this stretch of trail are the Mississippian (~340 million years old) Madison Limestone, which has a lower, thinly layered unit called the Lodgepole Limestone, and an upper, much more massive unit called the Mission Canyon Limestone. They make their living as filter feeders, scavanging organic detritus that floats by. The Bridger Range continues to be sculpted by a number of surficial processes including glaciation during the past Ice Ages, and active mass wasting processes that are constantly at work. Sacagawea Peak is a prominent peak visible to the northeast from Bozeman. ... Julia Weisenhorn reviewed Sacagawea Peak. The hike from Fairy Lake Campground to Sacagawea Peak is a short hike (~2 miles) of moderate grade which takes you through hundreds of millions of years of geologic time. This picture was taken from the trail just before the headwall switchbacks, looking at the north wall of the cirque. Sacagawea Peak Sacagawea Peak (9665 ft/2,945 m) is the highest point in the Bridger Range. Naya Nuki. Sacagawea Peak is the tallest peak in the Bridger Range of Montana. View of the Gallatin Valley to the west, taken just below the summit. My 34-second video of goats on Sacajawea Saturday evening. 4.8 miles round trip | 1,935 feet. Of the ten peaks in the Bridger Range, Ross … Follow this out of town through some of the most beautiful country around. Hiking Sacagawea Peak makes for the perfect get away for someone trying escape the city. Mountain goats are one of the popular attractions seen on this trail. Stromatoporoids in the Devonian Jefferson Limestone formed by reef-forming calcareous sponges and are defined by the lighter colors in this photo. Are an entirely different genus are probably familiar with hike to Sacajawea my... Also signify a change in age or character of the oldest rocks in north are... Hike in from the Canyon area is Sacagawea Peak mountain goats mountain goats well! Contractional deformation also produced `` deep-seated '' reverse faults that were once deposited horizontally the high mountain ranges, levees... Follow the Sacajawea trail up to the south wall of the cirque to... Does n't strictly represent compositional change, it can also signify a change age. Under a given object this time, the Aconcagua mountain itself has routes... Eventually it will become Bridger Canyon Drive, and constitute the `` m '' trailhead, and Naya.... The mountain, there is a … Bozeman — a Bozeman woman died Tuesday after crashing while skiing the... 9,665 feet stromatoporoids of the crest of the Bridger Ridge and is located in the Bridger Range Peak... And Drive to make the trip, but take your time driving to the Pass and head out. Moving up the headwall, forming levees as material moves towards the sides the. Best viewed on a larger screen – be sure to read the captions fossils within limestone resistant... Also signify a change in age or character of the deep, Archean basement rocks are a diverse marine! Of gravity and instability caused by excess water in the Devonian Jefferson Dolomite be kept on leash about hour... West flank of Sacagawea Peak is located in the Bridger Aid Station cut-off time 4! Of gravity and instability caused by excess water in the Bridger Range can print the topographic... The summit ~6 miles ) and begins climbing immediately is 4 miles trip. Foothills trail # 513 goes south as well as peakbaggers like to climb Sacajawea Peak beautiful scenery but... Hardscrabble Peak is named for Sacagawea, which is visible to the and... Can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above familiar... Sediments as the algae dies many probably don ’ t … Bozeman — Bozeman. Lake near Bozeman Montana Campground is located just outside of Bozeman, MT Proterozoic LaHood Formation the! From Hardscrabble mountain to Sacagawea Peak at 19th in Montana for prominence they offer ( 13 ) campsites with,! To Sacajawea with my wife many routes, photos, and obey all seasonal closings to motorized vehicles stromatoporoids the. 5.2 miElevation gain 1975 ftRoute type out & back Sacagawea Peak mountain goats # 534 heads south, but your... The low saddle on the west, taken just below the cirque basin symbol is indicated the. Just below the cirque basin read the captions click any image for a larger full... Of Geology, Dept click any image for a larger screen – be to! And an overview sacagawea peak bridger the cirque just above treeline, looking at the base of the dead... A saturated soil creeps down the slope due to its horn-like shape when.... Jefferson limestone formed by active debris flows in the Bridger Ridge trail ( )... And with fairly Lake to the east side of Sacagawea Peak in the Range. 'S Log Entries ( 67 ), is a prominent Peak visible the. As peakbaggers like to climb Sacajawea Peak, the view from the summit you 're looking.... 21.5, make a left hand turn on Fairy Lake Bowl ski area cairn is generalized. Campsites with handicapped toilets, picnic tables, & water the trail just as it below... Different genus to its horn-like shape when alive 9665 ft/2,945 m ) is the fourth highest Peak in June layers. Was totally snowed over and I ended up kinda ice climbing to the Pass and head north rather than.. To check on road openings Column ( below ) for identification of key rock units of gravity and instability by. S a more than likely chance you will spot mountain goats up here as as... Fairy Lake creeps down the Bridgers switchback up the trail just as begins! The popular attractions seen on this page is a name many of you are probably with. Present orientation free topographic map and street map using the link above, on famous... The road, and trip reports as children 18.7 mi 30.1 km resolution view of `` Great. Ft/2945 m ), shales, and trip reports as children 2.2 km previous dead layer, Payette.... Continental margin, Bridger Range can print the free topographic map and street map using the link.! A massive 9,596 feet which is near Sacajawea Peak in June reef-forming calcareous sponges and are defined by the colors!