Skilled skiers might easily use a ski that is the same as their height. From skinny skate skis to fat telemark skis, Fischer's designs dominate. Three factors need to be considered for ski length. The correct ski length means that the cross-country ski is neither too short nor too long. These skis are for a wide variety of conditions, and equal time spent on-piste and off-piste. It may improve your cardiovascular system and muscle tone. bundle-Fischer Women's RCS Skate Race Package $1,268.00 $1,099.95. This article tries to explain how you can calculate your cross-country ski length and how body weight and height relate to it. Find the best deals and receive great advice from ski enthusiasts. People who viewed this product ultimately bought (2) Salomon Vitane Plus Prolink Cross-Country Ski Boots - Women's $140.00 (0) ... Where is the sizing chart for Fischer skis… These are all great fun in the snow but will require different sizing for each. The Country Crown features Fischer's Vario Crown technology. Cons. A skier the same size and ability, who is more of a relaxed skier on groomed slopes and enjoys sharp, precise turns, would want a shorter all-mountain ski, based on the table above. The body weight is shifted evenly, alternating from one leg to the other. Consider one of the other Cross-Country Skis we have in stock. Always remember that kids are still learning, and need the proper gear, in the proper sizes, in order to develop the good skiing technique and habits they will have for the rest of their lives. After careful consideration, our favorite cross country skis out there are the Rossignol Evo XC 59 IFP Cross-Country Skis… We are a producer of Alpine and Nordic ski equipment and hockey sticks. Cross Country Ski with Abom Ski and Board Calgary. Control, turning, and stopping will all be more precise with less effort. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Relatively heavy skiers should add 5cm from the recommendation above. Touring skis should be 5-15cm less than the skier’s height. As far as the length is concerned, you can take the following formula as a rule of thumb: Instead of adding 10 cm absolute skating beginners can also get started using skis only 8 cm longer than their body size. The Fischer Outback … If realistic, buying a ski at the high end of the recommended range can be a good idea. Nickname. Cross-Country Ski. It is best to consult a cross-country ski sizing chart before you decide on the correct size for your weight. If your sights are set on snowy countrysides that have yet to see a ski track, step into the Fischer Country Crown Ski to blaze your own trail. Free shipping! Shop the best selection of cross-country skis at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. Faster skiers carving tight turns will want a shorter ski; while skiers in softer, deeper snow might be happier with the better floating ability of a longer, more stable ski. Nordic Rocker Camber has a slight amount of tip rocker that keeps the tip of the ski above the snow while the camber underfoot delivers excellent propulsion and kick. But it will definitely be a good starting point. This includes its ideal weight range, based on the ski’s specific length and flex. They offer a great combination of stability, easy maneuverability and durability. The extra control and maneuverability are well worth the stability at speed you may sacrifice. Age can only be a guideline since kids grow at such vastly different rates, and ability levels are also extremely varied. To ensure that you get the most out of this sport, it's important to find the right size cross country skis… And since skis aren't everything that counts when cross-country skiing, we've also collected useful information on ski pole length and other cross-country equipment! A certain level of fitness is definitely advised when skating, since it is more exhausting than classic cross-country skiing. Some of these may actually be helpful, but there are other key factors involved in finding the correct length of a ski. The following rule of thumb can be used for kids: Cross-country skis for kids are available in lengths between 110 and 170 cm. This will help you find out which length you need for a model! Lower weight skiers should pick shorter cross-country skis [check minimum recommended length for your height]. Alpine Ski Telemark Skiing Alpine Touring Cross Country Skiing Avalanche Safety Goggles and Accessories Watches Kiteboarding Winter Accessories Gloves. Adventure / Backcountry Sizing: Size (cm) 170 180 185 190 195 200 205 210; Body Weight (lbs) < 108: 108 - 119: 110 - 130: 121 - 141: 132 - 163: 143 - 185: 154 - 196: 176 - > 198 All tables and charts are just guidelines. When parents and child have found the right cross-country skis, they are ready for the snow - are they? Ski weight = 1790 grams for 179cm. Improper length of the skis can result in you having to do lots of extra work because of increased friction or drag on your skis. This kind of ski pole can be modified in just a few steps, it can be used by the kids for both skiing techniques and grows with them for at least 2-3 years. Add your photo. If you already have a ski pole, simply flip the ski pole over and grasp it under the basket. Hold the stick straight down and press it against the floor; the upper part of your arm should stay close to your body. ... Fischer XC Ski Size Chart. 155cm. The Fischer Spider 62 is a very popular ski for experienced cross country skiers looking for both on the groomer and off trail performance.