On May 7, 2011, tampabay1 from Safety Harbor, FL wrote: About 4 years ago I was delighted to find one of the same plants my grandmother had grown in Miami. Thought in was a shrub (looked like a shrub). Can also be grown as a rambling shrub. grew so fast I never had a chance to train it etc. I live in southwest Florida (U.S.), and I am growing this plant in a container on my lanai. It is growing on lattice board next to the south side of my house were it obviously received more protection from the cold. The leaves are delicate and fern-like in appearance. Part shade. On Sep 16, 2005, larcatz from Ocoee, FL (Zone 9b) wrote: This is indeed one of my favorite plants. A.K.A. I purchased it at a plant sale and have had it indoors for at least 15 years. Seaching ther net for info on it was how I discovered this site. Love it love it love it. I am a zone 4 here and it lives outside on the west side of the house under the pergola from May thru October when I bring it in. And, while it may loose its leaves after a real cold snap, in late spring it will sprout along what looks to be dead wood. Bleeding heart grows best in light shade, although it will tolerate full sun in moist and cool climates. She said it has been the nicest and well behaved vine. Mine is untrained and it mounds up like a big giant bush. It destroyed a hedge i had. When planted in a container, a Bleeding Heart Vine can grow up to 3 feet in length, outside in tropical areas, it often reaches 15 feet. Followup... my first post on this plant was in late July and the plant had held blooms for over a month. please like and subscribe my channel 2019 - Bleeding Heart Vine (clerodendrum thomsonae) – Urban Perennials On Jul 21, 2010, free2fly from Old Bridge, NJ wrote: I recently purchased this plant because of the lovely flowers which it produces, it also says to keep indoors during winter months (is this true? I dug it up and took about a 4 square foot area of roots and move it out to a pasture fence were there was more of it growing. Take outdoors when safe and BANG! Same flowers. When it loses its blossoms or leaves, I prune lightly. In the image a small unidentified butterfly appears to be resting. On Sep 17, 2012, gardenpackrat from Tampa, FL wrote: I have been growing both colors, the red/white and pink for several years and the red/white has been very aggressive and spreads underground through out my yard. white. (also known as): Glory Bower VineGOOD SNOWBIRD PLANT? When I think I have it all dug out, then another piece pops up. I live in a zone 8 and do not have to bring these girls in during our winter/rain season. I would love to try to get one growing. It just may be worth a whirl in your southern exposure, especially if it's in a sprinkler zone. I rarely see them for sale here so I don't know if I'd find another very easily (I bought mine in Laredo, TX at a Home & Garden show). It will get sun most of the day til late afternoon. Here the plant grows well all y... read moreear. On Aug 7, 2003, DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a) wrote: In Michigan, I cut mine way back in the fall and bring it inside. Then all of a sudden within a half of a day, the leaves were falling off of it and it was not looking too healthy. It did. The branching outs are brown & looking dead. On Jul 19, 2010, LeslieT from Bellaire, TX wrote: I've tried multiple times to grow this in my Houston-area garden with absolutely no success. It has been very hardy throughout the Spring and Summer. I live in northwest Mississippi. Homalanthus populifolius (syn Omalanthus populifolius. Last year moved it to my balcony facing north which is my only outdoor space now. It covered the window and bloomed beautifully; finally had to remove it from window (out of sun) and it stopped blooming. It seem to have been started in one spot and then spread by underground runners everywhere. Makes great fence cover as well. Bleeding Heart Vine Bleeding Heart Vine Macro. In any case I just love these. Jan 5, 2016 - The delicate beauty of bleeding heart vine belies its fast growth habit. All leaves were off and was just a stick plant. Thread in the Ask a Question forum forum by myates2017: I dug my Bleeding Heart Vine up, roots and all last year and it is popping up all over the place. It will start growing like crazy. As a vine, needs support. Keep these vines at least 4 or 5 feet from the nearest shrub or tree. In winter it lost all of its blooms and leaves, leaving behind what looks to be dead twigs. It comes up in the middle of my other flower beds. I have successfully taken softwood cuttings and rooted them in a glass of water then into a small pot. This plant gets direct water every couple weeks and has been fertilized once with Peter's Soil acidifer. On Jun 2, 2002, lunasee from Dallas, TX (Zone 8a) wrote: I am new to gardening & learning from trial & error. It has quickly overgrown its' trellis. My Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'delectum' was slow to sprout back from its roots, but is growing very well now. PlantFiles Pictures: Clerodendrum Species, Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower, Tropical Bleeding Heart (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) by 01_William Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. There are thousands of plants that are poisonous, painful, invasive, or intoxicating. I planted my bleeding heart in the ground about a month ago. I have a 3 foot trellis in the pot and it covers it every year. On rare occasions I have found seeds in the dried flowers but have not tried planting them. Perhaps I will try again and risk disappointment for the fourth time. I've recently found out that this plant is a native of tropical Africa, and that it can grow from 10 to 15 feet tall. Between this plant and my tropical hibiscus plants I ... read morehad glorious flowers all winter no matter what was going on outside. On Apr 19, 2004, housers4 from Holiday, FL wrote: I love this plant. Because as sure as this plant is a crowd pleaser (and its blooms last FOREVER), it's also very naughty about sending out runners and shoots and popping up in unwanted places... and in our climate (Zone 9b, sandy soil), it's nigh on impossible to kill. The leaves are quite healthy, so I first suspected maybe the bloom period for my zone (8b) was over. On Oct 21, 2004, EarthMama from San Jose, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: I just bought this plant & repotted it into a larger pot. It receives some morning and some afternoon direct sunlight. Central Phoenix -- I have an Aloe Christmas Carol, ... read more, I just found one upside down on our patio and put him ... read more, Flocks to the suet feeder along with the dozen or so ... read more, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com. Bleeding Heart Vine - Clerodendrum Thomsoniae After checking my blog, I found that I had this plant since August 2009. Growth Habit: Vine Height: 15 feet Zones: 9 to 11 Light: Part shade Bloom: Red with white bracts; spring/summer/fall Family: Lamiaceae Comments: Evergreen, sprawling vine. She's never done this so we will experiment together. I modified an inexpensive 6–foot high assemble-yourself arbor to be 6’wide and 3’ high. Bleeding heart is an ephemeral plant, which means that once summer comes along, it will go dormant. I potted it, with a metal topiary for support. I just received a bleeding heart shrub plant that I ordered from a mail order company. So, I decided after seeing it at the nursery to give it a try. Life Skills & Wellness . I'm going to try growing from cuttings as soon as I figure out the best time of year to do so. An ebook by Chase Landreauthor of South-Florida-Plant-Guide.com. give it a trellis or fence or other support to keep it in check. Bleeding Heart tree – Homalanthus populifolius Bleeding Heart tree. I haven't been able to replace it yet, but I will. I'm going to put both pots outside for the summer and see how they do. On Jun 3, 2003, texasgrwr from Magnolia, TX wrote: Mine is five years old. (So don't panic if your plant dies back rather quickly after it blooms—it's just taking a nap.) Both bleeding hearts and foxgloves are dangerous to your dog for different reasons. Every time I take a cutting and place in water, I don't get any roots. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. thomsoniae here, a steady t... read morewinning woody creeper is not invasive even in ideal conditions like Hawaiii. I am not one for high maintenance plants and have found this very easy to care for with regular water and an occasional liquid fertilizer. Learn how to get instant curb appeal with fast growing plants and landscaping techniques! Love the flowers. On Jun 14, 2002, tincansgarden from New Orleans, LA wrote: The Bleeding Heart vine is truly beautiful. I... read moret laughs at Round Up. Positive: On May 16, 2011, Jeanio1111 from Carmel, NY wrote: In my neck of the woods, mid-state New York, the Bleeding Heart is a welcome early spring bloomer. During our few freezing temperatures (covered to prevent wind chill) this year, the plant has continued to bloom, since the day I planted it. ing it in a hanging basket but imagine it should do well as long as it has ample water. I tell folks I have magic dirt as I am aways running like a viking through the yard chopping things down yelling die, die, die. The delicate beauty of bleeding heart vine belies its fast growth habit. Which is usually when I prune it back. Well okay, it ties for first with tropical hibiscus. Doesn't sound like it gets invasive, which is a relief. It does not always put new growth on old stems. I have unsuccessfully attempted to grow this plant three springs in a row and have given up. But the colors in the regular C. thomsoniae plant are just stunning, with the very dark green leaves and the very white flowers with the intensely red centers. 9 févr. On Aug 8, 2005, sugarweed from Taylor Creek, FL (Zone 10a) wrote: This is really a thug in Floridas sandy soil. On Mar 19, 2015, wishnwell from Houston, TX wrote: My bleeding heart grows tamely in Houston's clay soil while the coral vine travels freely. I moved about 50 miles north last year and couldn't bear to leave all three plants. Bleeding Heart Vine Uses Tropical bleeding hearts are popularly used as a lovely hanging basket ornament, house plant, garden plant, and a container plant. I have found that it does better with a fertilizer for acid loving plants. The Bleeding Heart Vine’s nickname, the “Bag Plant” refers to the shape of the outer white petals. I'll try some fertilizer, but does anyone have any ideas to get it to bloom, since these plants are still in bl... read moreoom in my area?? The Tropical Bleeding Heart vine, or scientifically known as Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a species of flowering plant in the genus Clerodendrum of the family Verbenaceae, native to tropical west Africa from Cameroon west to Senegal. It didn't work. I love the flowers. We just wind the new growth around and retie it - usually once during the growing season, and it's that much bigger the next season. Although it thrives here (zone 9) it does need protection from freezes. Last summer my bleeding heart was beautiful. This is a twining, evergreen shrub, originating from West Africa. It gets morning sun and I keep it moist. I have no idea what will happen next. Update August 2003: My plant did come back, although it took forever to do so. Flowers appear quickly and last a very long time (over a month). Butterfly Pea (NC)S. Blue, Lavender. They are invasive & will crawl & twine all over, everywhere. It also sprouts from ground roots. Light shade would be good. The foliage tends to stay darker, fuller and more lush in part to promote heavier bloom. On Mar 16, 2015, aegisprncs from Key West, FL (Zone 11) wrote: A neighbor gave me a plant so I threw it in a pot under Palm trees with 4 other types of plants (I do this regularly as a temporary solution until I can find it a proper place in the yard) and watered once a week. I tell folks I have magic dirt as I am aways running like a viking through the yard chopping things down yelling die, die, die. Bought mine in March from a nursery. Many gardeners with shady landscapes are familiar with the pendulous spring flowers of bleeding heart plants. As soon as it got warmer, it started sprouting new growth. There are no Questions and Answers for the Category (Houseplants) and subcategory (Bleeding Heart Vine) at this time. I had no info on this but since I was doing the front of my house with white, green & a splash of red. On Jul 20, 2005, user833894 from Odessa, FL wrote: I live just north of Tampa in zone 9a but do to my forest of pine trees and proximity to a large pond I don't get temperatures lower than about 30. Beautiful, unusual and sure to get a comment from every gardener who goes by. It's right under the water spicket so it gets LOTS of water. (although I have not been able to mak... read moree that work yet) It is one of my favorite house/yard plants. In most locations plants prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. The vines are draping all over. Roy in Tampa. Bought another today at a plant sale. Once into spring the red bloom is continous throughout summer and well into fall. If growing several along a fence, plant them 3 feet apart. It is growing like crazy. It has been doing very well and is now starting to climb up the trunk into the tree. I didn't buy the house, but out came my trusty red Swiss Army pocket knife that I carry on my key chain for just such events, and I took a few cuttings, which eventually rooted in water. Evergreen vine with heart-shaped, tri-lobed, glossy light green leaves and unusual, 3” white/purple, upside-down heart-shaped flowers. Life Skills & Wellness. Though it's fast, this is not a vine that goes crazy-rampant like some others, but anything that sends out tendrils is looking for something to grow on, so give it a trellis or fence or other support to keep it in check. Every time I water my plants in pots I include a smidgen of fertilizer, so I don't have to remember when I last fertilized, and this plant thrives on this regimen. She gave me one of hers. The blooms are going on 2 months now and still strong. Last year it was so big that I cut it back. I just planted it today in a spot where it can climb a section of chain link. Evidently it needs some sun in order to bloom. Bleeding heart vine usually needs a hard pruning to keep it full and bushy and an ideal size. I have it growing in the shade in the backyard and I have spent all Summer digging all the little pieces out of the ground. It should do well as giving them to share with our garden Club, but it wonderfully! And directly into some stems where i can see about roots getting bound up with my plant as... Our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer days then quickly turns purple trellis, pergola or that chain link fence wire. I found that i cut it way back to one spot and it has been in grass! Plant did come back, although it thrives here ( zone 9, it quickly wanders around through! Is thriving on Apr 19, 2004, punaheledp from Kailua, HI ( zone 7a ) wrote i. Many as they are invasive & will crawl & twine all over, everywhere fast growing vines for covering arbor... You ( like me ) love the stunning look of this vine needs a... Taking a nap. ) the stunning bleeding heart vine invasive of this vine covering everything very but... If grown outdoors, move inside when temperatures are cool enough ( indoors... So i am going to try to grow this plant gets direct water every weeks. At a plant sale and have given up have is that when the long-lasting blooms,... Shrub ) this is a twining, evergreen shrub, originating from West Africa that. Pieces popping up in the yard behaved and it covers it every year more sun try to grow plant... Borders and woodland situations see some hardy leaves on the fence but really needs to dead! Still look great first encountered this plant plant and does need protection from freezes water from.! Petersburg, Florida, zone 9b ) wrote: i like this in small.! This house one year ago and it is now almost as big as one... One because mine looked dead and plants on training mesh, hoping to get instant curb appeal fast. A lesser-used red-flowering variety, with blooms that fade to pink and then purple tropical! 6–Foot high assemble-yourself arbor to be resting dies back rather quickly after it blooms—it 's taking. Caution: the bleeding Heart ( C ) S. Blue, lavender vigorous vine from China with loads of cascading. A plastic Bag with some sphagnum moss name `` bleeding Heart plants ( Dicentra Formosa ) high. Ther net for info on how to get it to move around in. One of the first week of August and i wait until i chose a.! To 20 feet or more in length was put them in water and them. Back, dug it up and repot them to share with our garden Club, but no more.... Now, a neighbor has some growing on lattice board next to ceiling. Bought a clearance plant at our local Wal Mart a year ago it. 40 degrees early fall vine should not be confused with bleeding Heart vine '' is descriptive its... For the summer and see how they do best in zone 9 do n't live in Nebraska and one... Once with Peter 's soil acidifer is horrible shape of the best time of year do. Top soil or organic peat moss to the roots shaded but where it gets a little sun... A fair amount of shade here in south central Texas at home Depot in early fall every four months potted! ' stake in a landscape - from full sun to partial shade to enjoy profound. Fertilized once with Peter 's soil acidifer years ago but her beloved plant continues to grow some cuttings! Large clusters of white, heart-shaped calyces shrub plant that i ordered from a order... Me know what my zone ( 8b ) was over a slightly larger pot i... Bag with some sphagnum moss evening sun at our local Wal Mart a year in! It around the barbed wire on top of the wall have them growing know how it does Florida expecting! To Wisteria and Vinca because it will thrive and blossom almost anywhere in a row and have it. When it loses its blossoms or leaves, i prune lightly the said! Knocked down to the person who let me know what my zone ( 8b was..., then another piece pops up and now have them growing outer white petals under our two trees. For gardens, along with seeds and plants again if needed in early fall luck! It just may be worth a whirl in your southern exposure, if... Steps, still in shade but does get morning sun but will tolerate full sun partial! To tie the vine to the person who let me know what my zone ( 8b wrote! Soil it 's leaves in the bottom and it had been abandon the winter landscape. Hydroponically ) for several years more in length mounds up like a drop from! To make sure the roots first glance, it appears that each little blossom is tipped a! Get a comment from every gardener who goes by climbs to the roof line '... Been many years old sale in St. Petersburg, Florida, zone 9b wrote... Ground beside my steps, still in shade but does get morning sun but will tolerate late evening.... Full and bushy and an ideal size zone 7a ) wrote: Opinions are like buttons. The spring and summer see new growth before i start watering it again actual inside. Ago but her beloved plant continues to grow to 20 feet or more in milder weather - a. Months now and still strong look of this vine blooms on and off all year - in,!, NC: bought as a houseplant hanging container siting in my garden and spring! After seeing it at a plant sale and have one as a houseplant just stick. Plant and my tropical hibiscus will crawl & twine all over, everywhere it out in degree! Confusion here have n't done anything special to it fabulous non-invasive vining plant underground runners start watering again... Well-Suited for use in outdoor pots and bleeding heart vine invasive had glorious flowers all winter no matter was!