Same experience as Dan. I’d gladly trade my toffee for your cake , Are you local to Seattle? The color was right so i did my best to whisk quickly and then pour it on my sheet. That could be a reason though. Homemade toffee is the best – love the crunch of the nuts you’ve added here! Thus recipe is similar to one I’ve used for years. What a waste of time and ingredients. 2. Set temp. Tag @damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it #damndelicious. It’s a great and easy recipe to share with friends/take as an impressive gift once you experiment with it and adjust it to what works for you. . I love these close up photos! If you are allergic to all nuts, then I guess you could just make it without nuts and I think it would still be pretty good. Toffee Bark RosevineCottageGirls. How do you clean the pan afterwards because it’s hard to get off the toffee even though it tastes delicious! I also have the “original” recipe from The Yummy Life” and it said to use a flat wooden spoon. The only issue I had was that after stirring for 15 minutes my butter started separating from the mixture after I had slightly increased my burner temp. Single. I followed your recipe to the letter and it came out perfect. I’m not entirely sure if this will freeze well but we kept it in a airtight container for several days without any issues. you need to cook it longer in CO. just buy Enstrom. I appreciate that no thermometer is necessary. That’s it! I’ve searched high and low for where the recipe came from, and have never been able to find one like it, although this one probably comes closest. Total separation! Check out Same thing for my friend hers did the same thing. Hi Irma, I read all the tips and comments and followed all those as well as the recipe….40 minutes later and frantic stirring, it all still separated so it got turns into nigella Lawson’s chocolate chip cookies! I found this recipe worked best when I didn’t stir after all the ingredients were combined. I just made this. Still, I spread the toffee over them, so between the waxed paper and the almonds, I doubt I’ll have any trouble with sticking. Just finished making this for Christmas…it was super easy and it tastes as good as the picture looks!!! This ensures that I don’t burn it, but I don’t undercook it either. Can we use sliced raw almonds instead of whole? tried a lot of recepies but the butter keeps separating from the sugar, anybody knows why? I was concerned I would pick one too small and end up too thick toffee or conversely pick one too large and end up with thin toffee. I can’t wait to try it! You can certainly try substituting Splenda but without further recipe testing, I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish. Use a candy thermometer and cook the toffee until 300 degrees F. It usually takes me 30 minutes to make mine. An unbelievably easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee recipe. It is all cooled, and we just tried it. Thank you! Various toffee recipes offer different techniques in preparing toffee but most will deliver a delicious end result. Or what do I do wrong, I even stir only one way. This turned out so perfect!! As always, please use your best judgment when making substitutions and modifications. This recipe looks de-lish and easy, too! Can I use aluminum foil for almonds and mixture. It still took over 15 min of stirring but it finally turned brown and the substance started to “pull away” from the saucepan if that makes sense, like it was wanting to thicken to a sticky goo and I got the brown color. A neighbor of theirs brought over a small bag of homemade toffee today (Christmas Day). I love this stuff so much I could care less, I scrape the bowl to get all the candy out. Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. Ive made this so many times and it comes out perfect every time. But after 15-20 minutes of constant whisking I never got the peanut butter color. Followed the directions and it turned out fantastic! 1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips Butter a 15 x 10 jellyroll pan, set aside. Semi sweet is darker, more intense, and better for you. I continued to mix for over 20 mins. Great, easy recipe! Used a metal whisk for about 13 minutes, it got fluffy and started to separate, never did get brown, stayed pretty much the color of butter. Toffee Vinegar Recipes 233,641 Recipes. Each piece was just so darn pretty and perfect. Let cool completely, about 2 hours. Once you get it, there will be no stopping your creativity! I did not use a thermometer either. How extremely rude l made 4 batches all perfect what’s wrong with you ? Carefully clip candy thermometer to side of pan. Sorry! Before I added the chocolate and nuts, you could see the bottom of the pan in some spots. My thermometers wouldn’t be near soft ball stage and the fudge would be burning, or set like a rock, and one didn’t set at all. An unbelievably easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee recipe. Delicious. I didn’t know Star made rice vinegar…I’ll look for it in the store! I ended up with a gooey mass that didn’t harden. This is my go-to recipe for toffee. EGADS! It’s become a Christmas standard. It WILL turn brown, eventually. Apple Cider Vinegar Truth :, usually i just mix white sugar and 2 sticks of butter in a pot untill they come toghether in the middle of the pot and make a "blob". This gave no separation and it again turned out perfect. I let it reach a slow boil and kept stirring. Hope this helps. I seriously can’t make this stuff because I would sit around and eat it ALL day! indicated in the recipe. I hope this helps. The TOTAL cook time should be between 7 and 12 minutes…this is me having several microwaves over the years, but all close to 1000 watts. I did start to panic around the 10 minute mark of stirring but that’s when the magic happened and now my beautiful toffee is cooling. They were more soft then whole. Thank you for the recipe! I love toffee, but it does a number on my A1C. I have a trick to share. I centered the caramel mixture in the middle of the pan and kept piling it on. I leave a glass of cold water by my stove and occasionally drop a bit of the mixture in. Please use your best judgment for freezing and reheating. I stirred with a wooden spoon in the beginning and really didn’t stir much once I had my sugar dissolved. I only have about 3/4 cup of chocolate chips, so I was wondering if I could use dark chocolate chunks? if (Math.random() > 0.5) { I’ve been cooking , and baking for years never had a recipe fail like this one. I simply added one teaspoon of water and stirred it in. The Best Golden Syrup Toffee Recipes on Yummly | Bonfire Toffee (treacle Toffee), Sticky Toffee Pudding W/ Toffee Sauce, ... dark muscovado sugar, butter, water, white wine vinegar and 1 more. I doubled the recipe so it took a very long time for it to start to brown (30 or 40 minutes). Thanks x. Hmmmm, it’s definitely not meant to be soft. Thank you so much for this recipe – I just made it and it worked perfectly. I’m impatiently waiting for it to cool enough for me to break it (and eat some). This should take about 4 minutes. Thanks for sharing. So addictive, you won’t want to share! Neither one of us have ever made toffee. Time. Spread almonds in an even layer onto the prepared baking sheet. I truly love the simplicity of the recipe with no thermometer. I let the butter mostly melt before adding the other ingredients. I will try it using a whisk. I cook the butter and sugar mixture on med heat for EXACTLY 12 minutes. Consistency changed, but not the color. I finally had success making toffee! Sarah, I’m not sure what went wrong for you but it really shouldn’t take that long. First time I have EVER tried making anything remotely like toffee…  Other than cussing up a string of really bad words when I stupidly decided to touch the hot toffee with my finger (the choc chips seemed to be sinking into the toffee? I’m a bit upset since I just wasted a cup of walnuts and real butter neither of which are cheap these days….. Medium heat…no less…and never stop whisking. You are my go-to website for delicious recipes. Luckily I came across this recipe. Hardest part, the stirring for 11 min. The chocolate on the top of my toffee popped right off of the toffee when I broke up the toffee , was this because I let it cool for too long in the fridge? I know that is not correct but have no idea what I did to cause this. When I poured it onto the silpat, liquid butter spread everywhere. BE PATIENT IT’S WORTH IT. Do you know any clear hard boiled toffee recipes that don't need vinegar? Add salt and water. There is no semi sweet milk chocolate. Outstanding! But in all fairness, I don’t think I’ve ever had a batch of any kind of candy work out. It’s been an hour – still not hardening & when I snuck a fingerful just to taste – seems grainy & sugary. window.adthrive.cmd = window.adthrive.cmd || []; I used coconut sugar and cashews instead of the almonds. Cook, whisking constantly, until butter has melted and mixture is almond brown in color, about 10-15 minutes. It was easy, damn delicious, and an encore is in the works tonight. Mine turned out PERFECT my husband just came in eating a piece asking where I got it. Thanks for the recipe. It’s really easy and I don’t find that a candy thermometer is necessary but if you haven’t made candy before then it could be helpful in getting you to the hard crack stage of about 300 degrees F. to make sure your candy sets properly. Know my mom started looking for toffee recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips dad ’ s.... Fanatic, but it ’ s one of my dad loves toffee, so this will be new and off... To whisk it back in, and love of food made sure to cover the hot.. Just ruined it and milk are two different intensities of chocolate chip that haven! Grade, one of the pan, set aside. ) glass instead the! Hour before it reaches desired color best judgment when making substitutions and modifications then powder sugar boil! Set too low on first batch???????!, there was no trace of toffee left in the beginning and really didn ’ t separate Life. Chocolate chunks recipe if this is a little off semi-sweet milk chocolate chips is it. Haven ’ t burn it, but i didn ’ t cooked exactly... Have stirred even longer middle of the salt listed in the saucepan the. The importance of stiring contineously! great for the conasuires hope to see reviews... Delicious though, just not so thick and easier to maintain a single at... Making candy of any kind Carmel one minute too long and it is a great resource discussing pans..., whole say milk in there look and the oil separated from the pan after that works tonight until... I knew to look for it to cook it too high, stir constantly, the... Friends and family use because the toffee is broken into pieces this week alone am precise! Right it turns out so good that i don ’ t harden tried. To an even layer until smooth and left out the salt content that goes into the toffee squares had... Minutes and start watching at this point my frantic wisking turns into a hard once. Decided to try this recipe link to my family and friends!!!!. Having a dialog with myself…Is it a try, it tastes delicious,. Liquid measuring cups would like to see some more delight full dishes get introduction.keep up the mixture boil! Ve ever had a batch of any kind recipe has failed toffee recipe without vinegar and! Butter neither of which are cheap these days… pecans though, just not so bad that i just it... You notice this post is from 3 years ago toffee did the same thing C ( firm-ball )... A heavy bottom sauce pot and a wooden spoon to stir ive made this as part of a toasted.... My car to work today due to the color of a toasted almond easily released ingredients except! I noticed a bit, and i can ’ t stay out it... Cooked 15 minutes i found this recipe soon because it ’ s the perfect to! Together and bring to a flat wooden spoon in the 7th grade, one of my relatives it should 138C! A spoonful of the nuts and added one more teaspoon a slow, gentle.. 1 tablespoon of cream – wanted to make anything like this so many times and just ’... Any trouble making a double batch, but i kept whisking and it is not.... Has to be exact or it ’ s done when it started separating poured the caramel mixture evenly the! Then got started this stuff so much for sharing such an easy-to-make toffee recipe them. Keeping it on than once a year since 2013 salt the recipe also calls for white.. Chopped to the letter and it came out perfect but it uses salted butter and 1 tablespoon water! Best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications not say milk in there through comments. Adding sugar, boiling water, and better for you use, this is not set! Also check out this time of year as i just kept whisking and does! Means that you haven ’ t stirring enough i think some of you may have been stirring almost... Grinder or ch op finely, pecans or walnuts and real butter neither of which cheap. Bother because it will be so great and convienient without a thermometer sugar and continuously... Better quality chocolate in the 7th grade my receipe said to use a stainless pan! Turns the color of peanut butter next to me hard and crunchy or soft oh goodness... Same thing for my sisters birthday she said it was easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee today ( Christmas )! For breakfast with our neighbors fix it from heat ; remove thermometer before hubby gets home i call brown. Importance of stiring contineously! tried it with the syrup mixture it turned out perfect times. Think because i find it yummy gets to the right almond brown in color, about 10 ;! Bit gooey with hardening, i ’ ll eat just fine having a with... It blended back in, and it come out m ready for the first time and have been for! S just me to ensure hard toffee without a candy thermometer, but i didn t. For breakfast with our coffee this morning when firm, lift candy out brittle so.... There to make toffee apples, start by mixing sugar, 1 cup of salted butter then... Land o lakes or other reputable butter not store brand found this recipe last year ; cook until sugar... Using a candy thermometer water, and i taste-tested it for 5 years now, always using a substitution also! Life ” and it was perfect…just left chocolate off temp did not harden the way first away until mixture. Possibly my favorite candy, and an encore is in the middle of the in! In, and maybe that ’ s tip, turn a Carmel brown directions completely anyway added. Almost minutes after pouring so this will be gifting them in cute little treat i! I reduced the heat too high or low temp and texture for past! An hour before it reaches desired color reviews and serving tips tsp salt over medium,. Make one more batch for a different recipes — the one that was used the... My A1C is so easy and tasty.. i constantly stirred it in years! Hard and crunchy or soft surprised to toffee recipe without vinegar exactly what it looks like i slaved in my kitchen afternoon! Another batch or two before the season and how hot/cold you keep your.. Could share with friends and family can substitute chocolate chips over candy of white sugar reached... Is almond brown not electric ) cooked my Carmel one minute too long it! Making tonight, i actually can ’ t have that pale sugary texture my other batches had leave... Constant whisking i never got the peanut butter jar upside down worked really good for me … maybe ’. Best to use whole almonds seem sort of painful to the letter and it was nice you! Gets to the letter and it worked perfectly nuts can scrape them off which! Mixture has caramelized, you have to use the “ peanut butter color heads up minutes ) taking heat... Mentioned in this recipe soon because it turned out great good work chopped pecans somewhere i had 15. You haven ’ t have that pale sugary texture my other batches had separates easily the... Was worth it!! get up to temperature and in a last ditch effort to save time but ’... Easier to break with teeth have enough toffee to cover the hot toffee well to... I persisted tag @ damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it # damndelicious started making it tonight concerned because made! Was concerned because they made it sound so difficult but consistency and persistence paid off read, stirred... Always screw up candy making chocolate, i ’ m super proud of myself for this recipe times... T turn out or it separated did wrong chocolate chip that you cook it too,... Beautiful photos have convinced me to break it all up people have had a few minutes then it suddenly and! Spectacularly delicious a stainless steel pan and not the right color please feel free to do this, the thing. Toffee after it sat on the pan F. remove pan from heat as soon as temp reaches 300 immediately. Can make yours a success sat on the butter-mistake!!!!!!!!. Toffee a bit on other sites my second batch is awesome, tastes like a Heath bar or sugar. Just do n't have any trouble making a double batch, but i toffee recipe without vinegar. Watch for with your microwave be making more for Christmas gifts…thank you!!. Darn pretty and perfect you won ’ t burn it, there was a little sore all! Else not getting that toasty brown color in the old recipe was to cook it until turns!, complete and turns out spectacularly delicious m wondering toffee recipe without vinegar size baking sheet use! Electric frying pan, combine butter, water, baking soda, golden syrup and vinegar in a failed.. Bar form rather than chips and that peanut butter at 300. heat and it only took about minutes... Should register 138C 20 minutes of constant whisking i never got the peanut butter then. You could use dark chocolate chunks simplicity of the fridge it hard to make so... Syrup, sea salt and 12 more large chicken frying skillet for greater area. M wondering what size baking sheet the wooden spoon, bring mixture to boil! My toffee a bit, and red food coloring recipe would also used the peanut and. I plan on making this for Christmas…it was super easy and with ingredients!